COVID-19 Update

Staff Precautions

In addition to undertaking daily testing for temperature and COVID-19 symptoms, our staff have access to COVID-19 swab tests.  It is our policy that any members of staff who exhibit symptoms should remain in isolation as per recommended guidelines or until a swab test returns negative.  This allows us to remain confident that our staff are low-risk health care workers at all times.  As of January 2021, all our members of staff will be undertaking daily rapid-result COVID tests to ensure all our contacts remain safe.  All our staff are double-vaccinated against COVID-19


We understand and comply with Government guidance that as of November 2021, all staff working in a care home need to be vaccinated

We would like to reassure you that all our staff have been double-vaccinated since April 2021

All our staff have agreed to provide copies of their vaccination record to prove their vaccination status.  Care home managers can make a note of having seen our vaccination status. Vaccine certificates contain sensitive personal information and they should not be downloaded or retained by care homes as per GDPR legislation

COVID-19 Certification