Traumatically Avulsed Adult Tooth

If a child or adult has had an accident and knocked out a front permanent tooth, you may be able to take immediate action as detailed below, which will possibly mitigate the damage from the avulsion:

If it is a milk/baby tooth (usually ages 5 and below) that has been knocked out, this is NOT RE-IMPLANTED due to the possibility of causing damage to an underlying permanent tooth.

Following The Avulsion Of A Permanent Tooth:

  • Handle The Tooth Properly

    DO NOT handle the tooth by the root (the part that sticks into the gum and bone), but handle it by the crown (the part usually visible in the mouth)

  • Ensure Tooth Is Clean

    If the tooth is soiled, rinse the root gently in milk for a few seconds

  • Re-Insert The Tooth

    Rinse out the socket (where the tooth has dropped off from), if applicaple (e.g. if debris such as soil, sand etc. is present at site of accident) and re-insert the tooth correctly. (If you are uncomfortable doing this, the tooth must be kept in milk, and a dentist should be seen immediately)

  • Put Pressure On The Tooth

    Get the patient to bite firmly on a piece of cotton wool and apply pressure on the affected tooth for at least 20 minutes,

  • See Your Dentist

    See a dentist right away. Often, treatment carried out within the first ‘golden’ hour is most beneficial