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There are various ways you can get in touch with us.  You can call our office on 01603 869 600.  Alternatively, you can write to us at 6, The Office, Vawdrey Road, Drayton, Norwich NR8 6EL

You can send us an email to  Alternatively, you can request a callback online

Our colleagues who work within the NHS and have access to a secure email account can contact us securely on

Please note that we routinely use Public-Key Cryptography (OpenPGP RFC 4880) in-house to secure our communications and we will be more than happy to encrypt our correspondence to you that way. For more information and to download our PGP keys, please visit our resources page.

If you send us a plain-text email however, we will assume that you are happy with non-encrypted communication and will email you back in plain text. Please be aware that plain text emails may (and will most likely) be intercepted and read by third parties.

Alternatively, please fax your request to us on 01603 208 562.  Please note that fax services are being phased out in favour of the ubiquitous email service.



We understand that from time to time, our service may not meet your expectations, and you may feel the need to complain.  At Castle & Costa, we will try our utmost to resolve your complaint, and will use your complaint as a learning point to help us improve or enhance the service and treatment we provide.

Should you be at any time disappointed or dissatisfied with the treatment provided or the arrangements made for you by our staff then please inform the dentist looking after you immediately.

Should you prefer to do so you could contact the practice manager; Ms Angelique van Woerkom. Your complaint will be  investigated and a written response will be sent to you within ten working days.

We welcome complaints made in whatever way is convenient to you, be it verbally, over the telephone, by email or in writing.

We also welcom complaints made on behalf of third parties.  Please note that in the interests of confidentiality, unless we have the patient’s explicit consent to discuss their affairs with third parties, we will have to direct our correspondence to them.  In cases where patients are unable to give consent, a best-interests decision will have to be made.

In the unlikely event of your complaint not being resolved to your satisfaction, you may contact the Customer Contact Centre by:

Telephone: 0300 311 22 33


Post: NHS England, PO Box 16738 Redditch, B97 9PT

As a healthcare provider, we are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)